My Top 3 Resources to Learn Python

So you want to learn Python. That’s actually awesome, learning to code is so rewarding for so many reasons. But it can be really intimidating at first with all of the resources that are out there. These are my top 5 resources to get a really successful start to your Python learning process.

3. Online Courses

So this one is a little obvious, but I think it’s important to realize this as an option. If you’re a student like me it can be a little expensive to pay for these online courses, but I would really recommend this to anyone who wants to get started fast with Python. Remember, Python was designed to be taught to children, so you’ll end up picking up the basics really fast. These classes are great at organizing your learning experience and streamlining your progress.

2. Blogs and Articles

Warning! Shameless Plug Ahead!

All jokes aside blogs like this one and others are great for learning Python because they allow you to learn at your own pace. For example if you follow along with my blog on Python, I’ve organized my lessons by topics. If you want more practice or to just hear another perspective, you can just type that topic into Google and you’ll get a bunch more articles on it. Plus a lot of bloggers include links to other resources in their blogs, so you can get a lot from them.

1. Youtube

This is my personal favorite for learning pretty much anything. Youtube is one of the best resources for learning Python. There are so many videos on pretty much everything you can do with Python. From beginner tutorial videos to playlists on advanced topics, you can find it all on Youtube. I’m definitely going to make another post on my favorite Youtube channels and playlists but honestly the best way to learn is to just go and explore.

It’s important to note that to properly learn to code in Python, the most important factor is practice. These resources are great, but you have to put in the time and effort to truly understand what you’re doing. Like anything else, practice makes perfect. If you want to get started learning python on my blog, click here for my intro blog on programming.


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